Study Tours information


Study Tours, short for Visit Tours, are missions selected and supported by The World Bank according to developing countries demands and then prepared and conducted by ABES, by involving host companies and agencies to receive foreign counterparts. Hosts, as source of knowledge, may explain and show, in deep, their solutions, regarding water and sanitation successful policies and operational and managerial methods. Further knowledge interchange may follow this first contact.


Although missions are configured one by one to cover the knowledge demands from guests, available themes are shown by this website according to previous mission records.



The visitor investment will cover, such as supervision and staff support, interpreter (if necessary), expert, travel and stay costs assumptions (hotel, food, ground transportation, domestic flight etc.), as well as visit planning and execution.

In return, the logistics of the tour is a responsibility of WSSKE - Water Supply & Sanitation South-South Knowledge Exchange team. That means that ABES and the World Bank experts will be responsible of scheduling necessary meetings, will be in charge of planning the visit and will be able to promote and execute the visit.

After the trip, they will be also responsible to provide the information requested. By result, the WSSKE - Water Supply & Sanitation South-South Knowledge Exchange assumes documenting as cases the South-South knowledge exchanges. It is necessary to inform that the results of the visits will be available on this site for other stakeholders.