Water Supply & Sanitation South-South Knowledge Exchange Study Tours

About Study Tours

For the World Bank, Knowledge exchange is defined as the just-in-time sharing of information and experiences among development practitioners and leaders. In water supply and sanitation, the topic-specific field visits between developing countries – herein known as Study Tours - are the main vehicle for such exchanges.

If you are interested in participating in a Study Tour, you should be aware of the time and financial investments required do it. First and foremost, stakeholders need to get in touch with the experts of the World Bank and ABES. Each visit has its specifications and needs to be evaluated by WSSKE - Water Supply & Sanitation South-South Knowledge Exchange Team.

Study Tours Information

During the Study Tours, you will have access to suggested, planned, and implemented missions, as well as their results.

Information: General information.
: Gain knowledge about our next missions.
Results: Missions Reports and Evaluations.
Request: Interested in a Mission? Convey your interest .

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