ABES and its commitment to Brazil


The Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (ABES) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1966 with the purpose of developing and improving activities related to sanitary engineering and the environment, stimulating social awareness and actions that could meet conservation demands as well as environmental and life quality improvements within Brazilian society.
Over its 47-year existence, ABES has always been present by actively participating in crucial political moments in the environmental sanitation sector. Its historical trajectory has been characterized by decisive political and professional positioning. The association holds a prominent position as a technical benchmark within the Brazilian environmental sanitation sector. In addition to its international prestige, the association commands a great deal of institutional respect, which has been achieved in the course of its existence. ABES has projected itself by dealing with subjects concerning social and economic development, most precisely as the latter are linked to public sanitation policies. Its prompt interventions have always been made at relevant moments, always dealing with facts that instigated its professional awareness and sense of ethics.
1- ABES has 27 State Chapters (same number of states in Brazil).
2- Over 400 professionals work as volunteers all over the country, as directors and counselors.
3- The Board of Directors – both at the National and State Levels – are elected through direct vote by their members.
4- National Elections take place in even years, while State Elections occur in odd years.


To develop and improve activities related to Water, Sanitation and Environmental Engineering.
To promote social awareness and act to increase Brazil´s quality of life.

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